Are All Bosses Sociopaths?

I Guess I Was A Boss

If you have kept up at all and read my first lovely rant on women, you saw sprinkled in there that I managed for a tree service company when I was in my 20’s for a few years. Even now I wouldn’t have considered myself a “boss” in this position but I guess technically I was for a small group of guys. I guess you could say I was the “project manager” and basically oversaw the crew for some of the smaller projects we got called out for but I definitely had a few guys above me.

This is how I looked on my first 3 days of the position. Didn’t last long…

I was pretty much in charge of basic tree trimming and cutting jobs that weren’t really emergencies and didn’t require our entire staff to do. Take a look at the tree trimming or cutting pages here if you are interested in exactly what I had to be in charge of. Nothing too crazy and was all pretty standard work once you had any clue what you were doing. I worked with a great group of guys too and they kind of ran themselves. I really did more actual labor work than I had to in my position but I just felt lazy and stupid standing there watching my guys do all the work while I could be an extra hand, cutting down the time it took to finish the job and just take some of the load off of my guys.

Seems sensible and like the right thing to do, right?

Couldn’t Do It

So eventually word was getting around that I was basically doing as much work as my crew when we went out to these jobs and my bosses were not happy about it.

Anyone else have a boss or ever had one that has this exact sociopathic absolutely throat punchable little smirk whenever they aren’t happy about something?

I can still see the smirk on the guy right above me and my position at the company, Jerry. How hateable is a guy named Jerry?

So Jerry called me into his office one day to talk about how my new position as project manager was going and to “discuss” a few things. I always hated Jerry and his passive-aggressiveness. He would always call people in and at first act like he’s about to promote them for all their hard work but then would just immediately turn off his decent human being switch and go right to how terrible you are.

So in a roundabout way, Jerry started asking me about how much actual work I am putting into these jobs and wouldn’t I think it would be better to start investing a little bit more time into what I am being paid to do, actually oversee and manage our employees? So let me get this straight Jerry. You would rather have me kick back, pull up a lawn chair and drink a beer just watching my employees and friends do all of this hard work in front of me? I really don’t understand the logic here. I got suspended for a week without pay for my “insubordination.”

I Hope It Makes You Feel Better About Yourself, I Really Do

I always kind of thought that you really have to have a distinct character flaw if you truly wanted to pursue 2 types of careers. CEO’s and police officers. This is based off nothing but my own personal experiences and lack of knowledge, mind you. But I don’t know what it is about people who absolutely CRAVE authority. Something had to have happened in their lives to make them so miserable and just want to abuse whatever little power they have on whoever the hell they can.

Needless to say I didn’t last much longer at that job. Shortly after my little talk with Jerry, I was on to my next job of misery…

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