Alright, Maybe They Aren’t All Psychotic; So To Speak…


So I’ve kind of been on this little boss tear lately if you have been keeping up at all with my last couple posts so I figured why not keep this little lovely theme going, shall we?


By now you know that I have worked just about every kind of odd job that you can think of and I think I have dealt with every kind of boss that there is out there. Any of you that have had multiple non-career type jobs know what I mean when I say that there are a a hundred different types of bosses out there and for the most part, they all suck

Out of all of them though, I must say that restaurant managers, general managers, or bar owners in general are the absolute craziest in a number of different ways. I am not exaggerating or using the term “crazy” loosely by any means by the way. If you have never worked in a restaurant for more than a month ask anyone who has and any seasoned restaurant industry veteran will back up everything I am saying here. Trust me on this one.

Different Kind of Crazy

So the boss from my first job┬áis the kind of guy that I picture most bosses being at your “real jobs” out there. Suit and tie, serious look 24/7, and just general feeling of superiority over everyone. An Office Space cubicle type, if you will. Restaurant managers do have these qualities, but a little bit more subtlety and sprinkled in with perversion, drug addiction, and immaturity.

Pretty much every restaurant job I have ever had was a big party outside of the workplace. Hell, the party WAS the workplace at a couple of them. Seriously, I have literally been hammered drunk on the job more often than sober for a few of the places I’ve worked at. And it was totally acceptable. Everyone that works in the industry (and stays in it) likes to party and that is a fact pretty much 100% of the time.

For the average worker and restaurant company, you do need a degree if you want to get hired in off the street as a manager. But you definitely do not have to have one. I would say the majority of the places I have worked at hired their managers from within and they almost always started off as a server and had been there long enough to get promoted and run the place.

This always meant that the same dude that was behind the bar lining up shots for the 19 year old servers just last month, is now the boss. The owners never knew that this was going on in corporate places. They just sit in their suit and ties from an office and are oblivious to the absolute debauchery that takes place in their businesses but I wasn’t going to be the one to say anything. I always got along with all of my managers because I never gave a shit about the place, but I was great at what I did and that is all that matters at the end of the day. If you can handle 10 tables at a time and never call in sick or get a complaint from a customer, you can pretty much get away with murder. Which I did.

Dirty Old Men

Most of the dudes (I say men because this very rarely applied to women, but I have seen it happen) that run restaurants are banging at least 2 of the very younger servers that are working for him. I have seen some absolute TENS hook up with managers that were twice their age and not good looking by any means.

I know that people say “power” is super attractive to women but I had no idea just how much it was until I worked in a few bars. Seriously, anyone out there just looking to get laid and not take work that seriously, get into the restaurant industry.

I could write a book on restaurant managers alone and I think I want to go more in depth on this one eventually, it’s bringing back some fun memories but I don’t want to drag on too long in one post.

Stay tuned for more!

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