And Moving On…

So being a single guy in his early 30’s definitely has its perks. In a lot of ways I still have the mentality of a kid and I really don’t think there is anything wrong with it.

Am I the only one that still day dreams about being a kid? Seriously, the biggest worry I had growing up was not being home in time, after playing all day with friends mind you, to see my favorite TV show at night. No bills, no boss breathing down your neck, and best of all you ask?


Ladies, Please Read…

For any ladies that might be reading this, I promise I’m not the fat disrespectful misogynistic pig that you all are picturing me as right now. Don’t get me wrong; I love women. I could not survive on this planet without women and there are plenty of redeeming qualities about all you lovely gals out there.


Having said that, you all need to take a second to step back, collect yourselves, and CALM THE HELL DOWN PLEASEEEEEEEE!!! This is a plea to any woman reading this who may have found themselves in situations where they seem to… I don’t know… Maybe overreact a little bit for lack of a better term? In all seriousness, this video sums up what the 99.9% of women I have been involved with need to practice…

This may appear to be a little sarcastic and simple but I have found that pretty much all of my relationships could have been saved with these easy steps. Do I have to get on my hands and knees ladies???

Little Background…

So up until about 3 years ago when I finally got into the construction business, I have worked in some sort of customer service. I have held jobs in the restaurant industry, retail, managing a tree service company, roofing for a small company, and even customer service calls for a cable company (by far the worst) among other jobs.

So I have dealt with people… A lot. I think this is half the reason I am so jaded and judgmental when it comes to people and the girls that I involve myself in but I just absolutely cannot help it. I genuinely and 100% judge a person real hard based on the way they treat people in the customer service. Alright, I don’t base my entire perception of someone on it but it does hold a lot of weight.

So What Happened?

As I mentioned before, I am a single guy and have not held any kind of serious relationship in over 4 years. Sure, I’ve had plenty of flings and what not that never really lead to anything serious and I have had the absolute pleasure (insert sarcasm here) of interacting with all different types of the female gender.

Over the past 3 weeks I have been kind of seeing this girl that I met through a mutual friend and everything was going great until last night when we went out to dinner. Now this was the second time I have gone out with her and the first time she had a few drinks in her so I brushed off her condescending tone to our bartender but last night was too much. Long story short, our server (who was super nice by the way) accidentally forgot to put in our appetizer order. Hey, we all make mistakes right? I know I’ve been guilty of this when I was a server way more than a handful of times.

So as the server brought out our entrees without bringing out our appetizer my date, let’s call her Debby, immediately slammed her drink down and went to bitch mode.

Debby- “Oh, wow let me guess you forgot to put in our appetizer like I knew you would didn’t you?”


Bye Debby, I wish I could say it has been nice knowing you. I immediately had the server bring our check and I got to enjoy my dinner from a box in my apartment by myself. A situation I am finding myself all too familiar with these days…

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