This is going to be a place for anyone that has worked in customer service before in their life, or anyone that has just kind of had enough of people in general for that matter.

Haha, I promise I’m not some angry psychotic lunatic conspiring against the world in his 1 bedroom apartment, but I do find myself getting annoyed at people on a regular basis and I figured why not kind of let it all out through the lovely world wide web and share some experiences for anyone that might be interested or have the same feelings.

I am a single dude in his early 30’s currently working for a small construction company and have left the lovely world of customer service for good, for now at least…

I hope some of my stories can be related to a few of you or at least keep you a little bit entertained… Hey, if anything my bitterness towards people might make you feel better about your life and you can take pity on me… How does that sound?